While it’s nice that this has become a habit — to write everyday and have a summary of my progress, I find it a bit counterproductive to keep shooting blank shots, in a sense that I don’t really bring much value to my writing to my audience, if ever there is any, and more so on days I never touch any design or tech work. I think I’ll stick to just tweeting my progress for now. Till then.


Today I made friends with the UX global community via UXcel’s slack!

Decided to start again on its UX foundations course and so far, so good.

I think I favour learning more by gamification — it makes things easier to remember and understand.

Well, before these posts turn into tweets of less than 250 words, I better up my game here.

Go, even when you don’t feel like it

Today I learned that it’s not the motivation that you have to rely on when things are not going as planned; it’s you. You have to push yourself.

Go, even when you don’t feel like it.

Do the work. Ignore the emotions, and stick to the routine.

You’ll get there, God Willing.

Sketch, and then sketch some more.

I’m going through Zero To Mastery’s UX course.

Here are my takeaways:

  • Go crazy with your sketching — don’t limit yourself when it comes to idea generation.
  • Add detail, and then refine.
  • 2nd point is interconnected to the 1st point.
  • Annotate your sketches! Use arrows, numbers, etc. …

Have a strong eye for detail

From what I’ve learnt from cantunsee.space, having a really good eye for detail is key in improving your designs.

The key words I took from this game were:

  • Border Radius
  • Size
  • Image resolution
  • Placeholder
  • Title Tracking
  • Button padding
  • Separator line length
  • TYPO
  • Shadow
  • Positioning
  • Font weight
  • Typography
  • Shapes
  • Alignment

Remind yourself of these words when you are designing your UI. It will come in handy and helps you to spot your own mistake when designing them.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to practice. Cantunsee is a good website to go once in a while to sharpen your eye for details.

I haven’t got my hands to start on the course I’m supposed to start officially today, but I preoccupied myself with videos from Youtube in the trips that I did to run my errands.

The video I watched was the Beginner’s Guide to Information Architecture by Career Foundry.

My key learning takeaways:

  • Information Architecture helps to understand the structure of your website.
  • The goal of Information Architecture is to have a website and content that are logical, user-firendly, and easy to navigate
  • Asking the right questions to your stakeholders is key at the start of every process.

What can be improved

Probably my note-taking skills, and better learning methods in general to gain a better understanding of what I’m learning.

I’m not sure how I’m gonna achieve it, but I’ll try my best on this.

This is week 1. I’ve set my sights on a few courses that I want to complete.

The courses fall under the same author, and that’s Andrei Neagoie, although the other two courses I’m listing…

I’ve got myself to writing everyday so much so that I feel the need to write something here. I don’t know but, I’m going to have to come up with better ways to continue writing here.

Well, safe to say, I made one of the biggest leap of faith in my life thus far: getting out of my Full-time job. I’m still halfway there, escaping the retail life.

I’m halfway there, and hopefully, 2022 will be the great beginning of it.

If this is the price I have to pay, then so be it.

“Suffer now, enjoy later.”

Hazrul Fitri

Learning, and unlearning.

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