About time and consequence

I’m close to 6 months in on this Coding Programme. I don’t want my daily entry to be a place of spilling my emotions without making any advancements in my work and in life. Sure, life lessons are good to remind myself again and again, to stay rooted to the ground.

But perhaps for once I want to publish something as evidence of my progress; not to show off, but rather to share the positive experience of winning at work, like successfully finishing a task, a project, a bug.

If there’s one thing I can improve today and compensate my learnings for the past 6 months, I guess it would be to more focused and less distracted on things that are trivial to the current pursuit which is to have a comfortable life. And to get into tech.

For this moment, to embrace change in its totality.




Learning, and unlearning.

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Hazrul Fitri

Hazrul Fitri

Learning, and unlearning.

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