Becoming more organised.

Today’s lesson taught me that work never stops. More work will pile up on the current one, and you need to be able to overcome them by becoming more organised in your work.

Becoming organised is a skill and requires extreme discipline. It’s a routine that may take a while for the messy one to master. It’s uncomfortable, but if it means growing into becoming a better person, then let it be a pleasure in the pain you’re going through.

I have a messy mind; my thoughts scatter here and there, and I jump from one thought to another easily. Some days I wonder if I have ADHD; in the past I even dug deep into articles to do a self-diagnosis, but I know it’s not the right way to diagnose oneself. Keeping my thoughts organised is a challenge at times; sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. Where I don’t succeed, I realise anxiety is present to wreak havoc in my mind. That’s where I begin to get hopeless. But with this challenge I’m slowly trying.

I have a habit of writing at the last hour of the day. It’s not the nicest feeling, because I have my thoughts ready to be written at the start of the day. But when the clock strikes 11:00pm, I somehow find myself succumbing to the fact that I’ll have to write bits of the entire thought process I had prepared throughout the day, and though it doesn’t come out as expected, I unearth myself again by writing a part of me I never thought I’d write online.

Work is not going to get easier. Well, life is not going to get easier. That’s the truth of life — you’re going to have to climb the to the top if you want to enjoy the view, and that comes with a price. And that price is sacrifice.

This was day 3*.

*I might have used is and was incorrectly in the previous posts, but hey mistakes happen anyway. We learn from it.




Learning, and unlearning.

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Hazrul Fitri

Hazrul Fitri

Learning, and unlearning.

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