Day 2 of 100: The Terminal

I first heard of ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ when I wanted to start learning Swift, but day 2 of my coding journey has humbled me so much that I’ve began to appreciate computer science as a heavy yet fulfilling enterprise.

Begin with The Terminal.

Well, it’s one of my favourite movies; creative, expressive in its metaphors — being stuck in the airport, surviving the days in great candour; in the conversations, in the daily occurrence of love and life……

Oh wait, sorry, we’re talking about THE Terminal, the one programmers deal with everyday.

We spent half the day understanding the function of the Terminal. It was dry but it was important to understand because by understanding what we can do with the Terminal we’ll be more efficient as developers.

Before this course, I’ve been flooded with the endless information as to how one should learn and at the same time build a website. I find this narrative pretty effective, if your intent is to secure a job fast.

It’s also to show your future employers what you can do and what you are made of; your portfolio will be filled with countless works you’ve done and produced. I’m okay with that.

I’m a fundamentalist, to say. I try to understand things from its foundations. Sometimes it doesn’t work well for my thought process, but often it does help to strengthen my understanding of the subjects I learn.

There’s a reason why we started with the Terminal first. And I’m glad we started with that because it made me see the loopholes that I have in my understanding of this undertaking. While class was going on I wondered how we are learning about computers and how to work with them, in return that they work for us. It’s a cycle that keeps me in a state of wonder.

It’s as though to say that, “we built it, but we can’’t be more stupid than them.” There’s a tinge of ego in that statement, and that’s our nature, unfortunately. But there are times we have to admit our weaknesses and this is one of the times we have to say to ourselves that, yes, we are stupid. We are dumber than the computer we’ve built to help enhance our lives today. Humility keeps us grounded.

I try to write more of how my days went through — the feelings, the emotions. I guess there’s a benefit to it as it’s also a form of unwinding my thoughts for the day.

This is it. Day 2 of #100daysofcode done.

May the days of learning be endless…

Nooks and Books.