Design Principles

Topics learned: Design Principles (Theory)


Current course: Foundations course

Several design principles covered:

  • Unity Design Principle
  • Alignment Design Principle
  • Proximity Design Principle
  • Balance Design Principle
  • Contrast Design Principle
  • Emphasis Design Principle
  • Repetition Design Principle
  • Movement Design Principle
  • Negative Space Design Principle*
  • Hierarchy Design Principle
  • Proportion Design Principle

Reading difficulty: Easy/Beginner Friendly

Stumbling block(s):

Understanding Negative Space design principle

In brief, understanding these principles helped me to see my flaws in the designs I’ve done so far for my apprenticeship. I believe I can do better as the days go by, and I’m stretching myself out of my comfort zone.

I still have some difficulty understanding negative space, and perceiving it in my design. It’s apparent because, I’ve been told many times that I lack the understanding of space in design. It all boils down to more practice.

Key skills needed:

  • Effective study methods
  • Organising time

Priority: High

That is all for today.




Learning, and unlearning.

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Hazrul Fitri

Hazrul Fitri

Learning, and unlearning.

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