Week 1: Focus and track your progress

I’m not sure how I’m gonna achieve it, but I’ll try my best on this.

This is week 1. I’ve set my sights on a few courses that I want to complete.

The courses fall under the same author, and that’s Andrei Neagoie, although the other two courses I’m listing down are co-taught by other instructors too.

The 3 courses are:

  1. Web Development Bootcamp
  2. Master UX/UI Design
  3. Motion graphics in Figma

These courses can be found at zerotomastery.io and Udemy.

I’ve always been one that’s been a bit conservative when it comes to sharing my learnings publicly, maybe because I fear it may backfire if I don’t follow through. But I guess it’s high time I do it because it’s gonna force me to keep it going no matter what. I’m not sure if anyone reads my previous posts, but in one of the days I posted about how I wanted to be systematic in my learning. Unfortunately, it wasn’t materialised, but I want to be better. Now’s the right time since everyone’s getting the new year dopamine and while the adrenaline’s still high I might as well make use of this opportunity, this fleeting motivation that comes and goes from time to time.

So this is week 1. Let’s do it. Let’s do it.




Learning, and unlearning.

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Hazrul Fitri

Hazrul Fitri

Learning, and unlearning.

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