When you’re stuck, keep moving.

How I realised that the only way to keep the creativity flowing is to keep, trying.

When you’re stuck, keep moving. One of the random designs I made earlier.

One of the lessons I’ve learnt in the current sprint is to keep creating when you creativity hits the wall and you have no more ideas to come up with.

When I was stuck, I made the mistake of standing still; I remained stagnant and let the hours pass by, producing nothing and not moving the project to completion. The result is delayed work and more stress piling up on me. Good thing my good friend’s wedding is around the corner, so I made that as a mark for me to get started in keeping fit again, which, unfortunately, what I had been wanting to do for the very longest time. Exercise has helped me to remove the stresses that’s been piling up on me lately.

When I exercise I make sure I am intentional this time ––10 mins run as a warm up, jumping jacks, 30 second planks, 30 push ups, etc…for 30-40 mins everyday. This way I’m not wasting my time and I’m telling myself that I have a ‘’mission’’ to complete.

I realise that the key to getting unstuck is to keep moving forward. This reminds me of one of my favourite episodes by NPR’s Hidden Brain where it talks about ‘wayfinding’ — a design thinking method to get unstuck.

In a way, exercising might be a way my mind telling me to get ‘unstuck’ in life, to destress for the moment and let your frustrations out. To get out of the rut that I’m in for the longest time. And to keep going no matter what.

So, when you’re stuck in design or in life, keep going. Keep moving. You’ll eventually overcome the obstacles that’s been in front of you all this while.

This is day 2.




Learning, and unlearning.

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Hazrul Fitri

Hazrul Fitri

Learning, and unlearning.

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